10-Week Evaluation

This post marks the 10-week milestone of this project. By this point I have completed a single-level demo of the game.


  • Working final game
    • Main menu + one game level
      • Pausing / unpausing
      • Track high scores
    • Game mechanics
      • Choice engine
      • Powerups
      • Scoring system
    • Game design
      • Progression playtested and tuned with multiple people
      • Optimized level layout for AI (multiple iterations of level design)
    • Art + music + sound
      • Composed one track
      • Sound effects for everything
      • Procedural art effects
  • Devblog
    • 13 total posts
    • Some CSS

Good things:

  • I’ve written some decent documentation.
  • I managed to get some art and music despite having limited facilities in both.
  • It’s really fun!

Bad things:

  • I was in a bit of a rush and could have written better documentation.
  • I did not use version control, and thus ran into a few bumps which could have been resolved in seconds with proper version control set up.
  • I can’t build the game! There’s some weird licensing issue which doesn’t allow me to actually build an executable.

Immediate Next Steps:

  • Complete devblog front-end and make website for advertisement
  • Created detailed documentation on certain aspects for public reference
  • Figure out how to build the game

Long-Term Next Steps:

  • Make a trailer
  • Improve music track
  • Add modes
    • More difficulties
    • Multiplayer
  • Kickstarter campagin