Day Five - Art and Music (and Playtesting)

All that was left to do was art and music - and then I’d be done with everything!


I decided to add a background tile layer to give some sense of depth. This layer cannot be interacted with.

While adding these tiles, I realized that there was another blind spot that I had left from last time. Here’s what the new level looks like, together with background tiles and a background gradient:

I wanted to add some objects floating in the background behind these tiles. I’m not particularly good at art, which is why I used such a geometric art style from the outset, so I opted to continue that in the background. I added some abstract geometric mountains and clouds floating in the back. You’ll see this in the final video.

Music and Sound

I composed a 32-measure track for this game. It’s based on the same piece of concept music that I posted a while ago.

I downloaded a free chiptune asset pack from Jahuni Junkala. I selected sounds from this collection to use for my game.


I had a number of friends try out my game. Most of them said it was too difficult, but I found it too easy because I play a lot of these kinds of games. I should implement multiple difficulty modes.

Final Video

Here’s what everything looks like put together!