Day Four

At this point, I have some interesting level design and mechanics, but I don’t really have a game. There’s no incentives - nothing to work towards. There also isn’t really any sort of menu.

Progression System

I decided to make the game score-based:

  • 1 point for each enemy kill
  • 2 points for each easy enemy choice made
  • 5 points for each hard enemy choice made
  • 2 points for each player choice made
  • 2 points for each powerup collected
  • 5 points for getting a new weapon

I wanted to encourage players to try to get the powerups rather than sit around and stay safe, which is why the powerups also impact the score.

As the score increases, the game modifies certain attributes, such as spawn rate and spawn count. I spent most of today balancing these attributes.

An Error

Oh dear.

I ended up spending a couple of hours trying to resolve this error and not getting much done. Fortunately, I had a backup from a few hours ago, but I wasn’t keeping regular version control, so I had to recover a few hours of work.

Moving Forward

With pretty much everything put in place, all that was left now was to do art and music.